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About alison
Alison Cowles is an illustrator with a love of comedy and silliness. She loves to create, and laugh, and then create some more.

Cowles finds her ancestry in the arts as the daughter of Illustrator/Animator David Cowles , and Period Style printmaker and painter Laura Wilder . Her illustrations have appeared in Fast Company Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, and as several character designs for They Might Be Giants' music videos and album art.

She loves a good challenge in illustration, and lives for the chance to make your ideas come to life in a playful, yet elegant way.

Alison loves her job and works at lighting speed. She is currently living and working in Rochester, NY with her musical boyfriend, Alex.

Send her an email any time, she'd ljump at the chance to work with you.

Instagram: @alisoncowlesillustration

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Twitter: @alisoncoillo